Filmmakers work hard to create visions of a world to entertain us. But despite the hard work, projects often don’t find the right audience, and may not make back the money it cost to produce the film.

Filmic hopes to be a resource for great independent film, but also help filmmakers see a return for their efforts. As the site evolves, we will focus on finding solutions that will help return money back to the filmmaker, with little impact to you, the viewer.

So look to Filmic as your resource for great independent film, and know that you are helping filmmakers do what they are good at… making film.

About John

Since childhood, John has had a passion for storytelling. His filmmaking began early with stop motion super-8 films using his Star Wars toys before he moved on to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Throughout his education and the years following, John was not only developing his own storytelling voice, but also discovering a passion for helping other filmmakers around him. 

Throughout his 30 year career, he has taken every opportunity to promote independent film, whether that be by establishing the 48-Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles, or developing a variety of feature and animated projects for a wide range of filmmakers. Filmic is an extension of his years of experience in both production and development, and a way he can give back to the community he is so proud to be a part of.

John (on top of crane) on his first feature film, in Austin, Texas.
Directing Mandy Amano and others on "The Reach".