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Long before Rogue One… there was Pink Five. Follow the adventures of Stacey the Rebel pilot in this award-winning comedy series that retells the events of a well-known trilogy from a very different point of view.

Filmic says...

For Star Wars fans, this is a classic, award winning series that follows an unlikely character through the same adventures we know, but all from a different angle. A great alternate view through Stacy’s, and Trey Stokes eyes.

About the Filmmaker

Trey Stokes

Trey Stokes is an American filmmaker and puppeteer, best known for his Star Wars parody series Pink Five, and his puppeteering work on various movie, TV, and motion-ride projects.

After meeting and teaming up with actress Amy Earhart in 2000 for the now-defunct Aliendog web series, Stokes began directing short films of his own, often in 48-hour film competitions. His 48-hour films, all featuring Earhart, include The Untitled Russian Film, Land of Many Uses, Fish Guys, and Double Shot.

One of the many shorts Stokes and Earhart collaborated on was a 2002 Star Wars spoof entitled Pink Five. Originally intended as a bluescreen test project, the film became an internet hit beyond their expectations.

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