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After the unexpected success of Trey Stokes’ “Pink Five”, he returns with Stacey as she trains with Yoda and deals with her own drama.

Filmic says...

If you like “Pink Five” you’ll love where Trey takes the series next. Weaving Stacey into the Star Wars story is masterful.

About the Filmmaker

Trey Stokes

Trey Stokes is an American filmmaker and puppeteer, best known for his Star Wars parody series Pink Five, and his puppeteering work on various movie, TV, and motion-ride projects.

After meeting and teaming up with actress Amy Earhart in 2000 for the now-defunct Aliendog web series, Stokes began directing short films of his own, often in 48-hour film competitions. His 48-hour films, all featuring Earhart, include The Untitled Russian Film, Land of Many Uses, Fish Guys, and Double Shot.

One of the many shorts Stokes and Earhart collaborated on was a 2002 Star Wars spoof entitled Pink Five. Originally intended as a bluescreen test project, the film became an internet hit beyond their expectations.

Titles by this filmmaker...

Pink Five

During the Battle of Yavin, the destruction of the Death Star made Luke Skywalker a hero. However, many other brave pilots risked their lives during that battle… many untrained pilots.


On a glaciated Earth wracked by superstorms and brutal meteor showers, survivors band together in secret underground bunkers to avoid the lethal landscape… and the savage hordes who rule it.

Pink Five Saga

Follow Stacy and her adventures as Pink Five in this classic parody series.

Return of Pink Five, Vol 1

We find Stacey serving in the court of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, where she dons the famous metal bikini to rescue Han Solo from carbonite. However, Princess Leia, Solo’s new girlfriend, manages to rescue him first.

Return of Pink Five, Vol 2

Volume Two opens with the arrival of the Rebel fleet at the Death Star. After a brief entreaty from the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stacey heads to the surface to “rescue” Han again.

Return of Pink Five, Vol 3

Finally, the end! Stacey goes on a desperate final mission in the epic conclusion… in which nothing ends the way you thought it did.