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While the goal of a filmmaker might be telling stories, the truth of the matter is that to tell our stories we need to have some ability to pay for them. Despite the low cost of the filmmaking process itself, even the simplest film requires some investment.

Filmic’s game plan is simple: Ask viewers to watch one ad prior to your film. Advertisers will pay Filmic for each ad viewed, and in turn, will pay filmmakers a percentage of the fee earned. The concept is not new, but the site is, and details are still being worked out. For now we simply want to offer entertaining, informative films for a wide audience.

If you have a film you’d like to offer on Filmic, use the form below to start the conversation. We’ll be in touch, review your film and discuss the possibilities.

And thanks for supporting Filmic. By visiting the site, you are supporting filmmakers everywhere.

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Overview of Requirements

To be considered for the Filmic site, we require some basic information for us to understand your film and how you produced it. To the left is a simple questionnaire we ask you to complete. We will be in touch for additional information as necessary.

For narrative films, note that we require you to send us Actor, Music and sometimes location releases for your film. This protects both of us from any lawsuits down the road. It’s called a Clear Chain of Title. You can read a simple explanation, and see a list of items that fall under this requirement HERE. Not all are necessary, but we hope you see the value of not exposing yourself to any legal entanglements down the road.

Need some help with forms?

Looking for some help finding forms? Click the links below for some examples. Please note that you should seek your own legal advice on these issues. The attached forms are just for reference:

Example Actor Release Form

Example Location Release Form

Example Music Release Form